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Viagra Soft is a reasonably new type of the traditional therapy for male impotence, or erectile disorder.In situation you are likewise taking nitrates, isosorbide dinitrate, or isosorbide mononitrate it's not recommended to take Sildenafil as this could lead to a sudden drop of blood tension, which might lead to fainting, stroke, or a cardiac arrest.

Avoid drinking liquor as it can intensify some of the negative side effects you could experience.

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It takes Female Viagra 45 minutes to act from the results lasting for approximately 6 hours (4 hours on the standard).Problem, memory problems, upset tummy, back discomfort, stale nose and warmth in your breast or face are the most generally stated moderate adverse effects.

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Older patients should be mindful with taking Sildenafil at any type of doses, as age (being older than FIFTY) is just one of the risk elements for developing sudden eyesight loss.If you have more serious adverse effects call your doctor for advice.